Krupali Parmar

Krupali Parmar

Educational Qualification



  • Science


General Information

  • H2 Hostel, room no.111, Nirma University, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad.


  • Subject: Biophysics/Structural Biology Research Interests: Protein Purification and Characterization, Protein Modeling and analysis, Protein aggregation, Misfolding and Prevention, Glycosylation of Protein, Protein structure function relationship, Protein-protein and ligand interactions, Bioinformatics etc. Technical Expertise: Identification and Evaluation of Bacterial growth Pattern, Screening of industrially important enzymes, SDS-PAGE and variations of one dimension gel electrophoresis, Chromatography techniques for purification of proteins and compounds (manual and HPLC), CD Spectrometry, Fluorescence Spectrometry, ITC, DSC, X-ray crystallization, Homology modeling and structure analysis, Docking, etc.