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    Obesity, Gut dysbiosis, liver inflammation, Cancer biology, Diabetes, Obesity, Gut dysbiosis, liver inflammation, Mucosal Immunology, pancreas, SCFA, PAMPS, nanoparticle synthesis and soft nanocarriers


  • Associate Professor


  • Science

General Information

  • 07971652757

  • Institute of Science, Nirma University Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway Chharodi, Ahmedabad INDIA


    Immunology and Biochemistry , Pharmacology , Microbial Genome Analysis , Inflammation (acute and chronic)


  • Sriram Seshadri, PhD is a trained Endocrinologist having expertise in Metabolic Disorder, Cancer and Gut Microflora. He has been teaching courses like Endocrinology, Toxicology, Reproductive Physiology and Vaccinology with deep interest in Immunology. He has obtained his Masters from Sardar Patel University with specialization in Endocrinology and Doctorate from University of Rajasthan in the field of Male Reproductive Physiology. He has got more than 14 years of teaching experience both at undergraduate and post graduate levels, teaching, BTech, BSc. and MSc courses. Currently, his broad area of research interest includes, gut dysbiosis, diabetes and liver inflammation and cancer biology, specially liver, gastrointestinal and colon cancer. His specialized research area includes, understanding the role of gut microbiota in diabetes/metabolic disorder and Insulin Resistance and inflammation and its modulation for the treatment as well as prevention of Metabolic disorder and cancer. He has published more than 60 publications in journals with high repute which includes, 3 Nature Scientific Reports papers, 5-6 in Bentham Publishing group. He has guided 6 PhD and more than 85 MSc and 6 BTech students for their Dissertation Projects. Currently, 4 PhD students are working under his guidance. His research is supported by DST, Govt. of India and GSBTM and GUJCOST, Govt. of Gujarat. He is also one of the Co-investigator in DST sponsored National Facility Grant under DPRP scheme worth Rs 5.00 crores. Some of the major portfolios currently being handled includes, Coordinator to Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, Academic Coordinator, Institutional Ethical Committee and Institutional Policy structuring and implementation Committee. He is also member in various other committees such as Institutional Research Committee, Anti-Ragging Committee, Biosafety Committee to name a few.