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Prof Sarat K Dalai Delivers Expert Lecture on World Malaria Day 2024

Prof Sarat K Dalai, Director, Institute of Science, Nirma University was invited to deliver an online expert talk on “Making an Effective Malaria Vaccine” on April 25, 2024 to commemorate ‘World Malaria Day’. The talk was organized by Gujarat Council of Science and Technology, Govt. of Gujarat. The talk started with depiction of the life cycle of malaria, the interventions like use of vector control majors and anti-malaria drugs in reducing malaria burden, the emergence of drug-resistance and the emerging need for malarial vaccine. The second half highlighted the efforts to make the malaria vaccines and some of the success stories citing the examples of RTS’S and R21 vaccines, and the whole sporozoite vaccine which is very promising. More than 2000 students, teachers, and community members attended the program across Gujarat

World Malaria Day Lecture by Prof. Dalai organized by GUJCOST

Prof. Dalai's Contribution to Malarial Vaccine Development      Prof Dalai delivering online lecture