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The Director

The Director


Sarat Kumar Dalai

Dean, Faculty of Institute of Science

Nirma University

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Ph. 079-71652753

Director’s Message

Biology has scaled great heights and become multidisciplinary in nature. The success of human genome sequencing with the emergence of systems biology has revolutionised our understanding of the biological phenomena at a molecular level. Personalised medicine is being realised as part of our life style in managing human health. The technologies developed during the last three decades have not only helped give new dimension to scientific innovations, but they have also reduced the cost of molecular diagnosis for many diseases.

The institute introduces the advancements in modern biology to the young students, motivates them to take up the challenge and helps them make significant contributions to the scientific knowledge and develop novel technologies required for addressing the imposing problems of good health, food demand, and clean environment. Postgraduate programmes of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology are designed to provide the students with a good understanding of the concepts, ability to identify, analyse and address scientific problems. Our multidisciplinary approach of teaching is innovative and emphasises hands-on training of the basic principles and techniques that are critical to understand biological phenomena. While our M.Sc. programmes are designed to cater to the needs of academic research and industry, our Ph.D. programme provide strong training to the graduates to become independent researchers in addressing socially relevant issues.

As research is a major focus of the academics at the Institute, faculty is engaged in socially relevant research. Financial assistance from DBT, DST, Ayush (Govt. of India), GSBTM and GUJCOST (Govt. of Gujarat) in addition to Nirma University, in form of research grants to the faculty members and infrastructure grant (FIST) to address challenging biological problems, has helped us to modernize our laboratories and improve our infrastructure with high-end instruments. This has, in turn, catapulted our efforts to impart high quality training to our students with hands-on experience on these instruments, while conducting cutting-edge research. Over the years our publication record in terms of quantity and quality has elevated our position to a respectable research institute at the national level. While basic science research is a major focus of our intellectual pursuit, substantial efforts are made to translation research in the area of health, agriculture and environmental biotechnology.

Our students and faculty find a nurturing environment at the Institute to advance their dreams in pursuit of better and brighter future.

Sarat Kumar Dalai, PhD

Professor (Biotechnology)

Director, Institute of Science

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