PhD Alumni

Name Year Discipline Guide Topic
Patadia, Ritesh N 2007 Analytical Chemistry Dr Y K Agrawal Resorcinarenes: Synthesis, Characterization and Their Analytical Applications
Roy, Utpal 2007 Physics Dr Prasanta K Panigrahi Solitons in Non – Linear Media and Their Coherent Control
Ghosh, Suranjana 2007 Physics Dr Jagannath Banerj Fractional Revivals in Quantum Systems and Their Applications
Banerjee, Aryamitra 2008 Life Science Dr Manish Nivaasarkar Inflammatory Medhanism in Rhodent Implantation: Cytosolic Phospholipase A2(cPLA2) and It’s Regulation Via Calcium Channel
Deb, Subimal 2009 Physics Dr Jagannath Banerji Self – Imaging and its Applications to Multimode Interference (MMI) and Photonic Band gap Devices
Pancholi, Jigar A 2010 Chemistry Dr Y K Agrawal Design and Application of Multifunctional Ligands
Shah, Jigar J 2010 Chemistry Dr Y K Agrawal Supramolecules Synthesis Characterization and Application
Kothari, Vijay 2011 Science Dr Sriram Seshadri Screening of Varoius Plant Products/Extracts for Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties, and to Investigate Correlation of the Latter with Phenolic Content of the Sample
Dhawan, Dipali 2011 Biotechnology Dr Harish Padh Molecular Biomarkers for Cancer Chemotherapy in Indian Population
Thaker, Devarshi N 2010 Chemistry Dr Y K Agrawal Studies on Supramolecular Assembles and Their Application
Patel, Parul 2011 Physics Dr R R Navalgund Target Parameter Retrieval using SAR Polarimetry
Chaudhary, Harshita 2012 Science Dr Sriram Seshadri Screening and Evaluation of Various Plant Extracts as Anti – Cancer and Multidrug Resistance Reversal Agent
Kevadiya, Bhavesh D 2013 Science Dr Shalini Rajkumar Synthesis and Characterization of Bionanocomposites as Carrier for Biotherapeutic Molecules
Patel, Nikulkumar Navinbhai 2013 Science Dr P N Dave Studies on multiple unsaturated poly(urethane – ester) containing epoxy residues
Almal, Suhani 2013 Genetics Dr Harish Padh Genetic Variations in Indian Population:Implication for Health
Prakash, Satya 2013 Science Dr R M Gairola Satellite based Oceanic Precipitation and Salinity Estimation and their Applications to Various Process Studies
Basnett, Smriti 2013 Science Dr Anil B Kulkarni Glacier and Snow Studies in Sikkim Himalaya Using Remote Sensing Techniques
Patel, Ravish Becharbhai 2013 Protein Structure Dr Rustom Mody Development of In- Vitro Techniques which can Measure Changes in the Tertiary Structure of Proteins and Correlating these Changes to In -Vivo(Animal -based) Potency
Jog, Rahul Narendra 2014 Science Dr Shalini Rajkumar Diversity and Plant Growth Promotion Abilities of Actinomycetes in Wheat Rhizosphere of Gujarat Region
Jena, Prashant Kumar 2014 Immunology Dr Sriram Seshadri Role of Probiotic Lactobacillus on the Physiology and Gastrointestinal Immunology in Response to dietary status of Rat
Sakhrani, Niraj Mohan 2014 Biochemistry Dr Harish Padh Endocytosis Based Target Drug Delivery Using Nanoparticles
Trivedi, Disha 2014 Microbiology Dr Srirma Seshadri Isolation, Characterization and Assessment of Antimicrobial Potential of Urino – Vaginal Microorganisms and their Application in the Development of Microbicides
Pandya, Maharshi 2014 Science Dr Shalini Rajkumar Role of non Rhizobacteria and Rhizobia on the nodule development in Legumes
Mahesh C 2014 Science Dr R M Gairola Rainfall Retrieval from Satellite Microwave and Optical Measurement and its Application
Pandya, Dhaivat 2014 Pharmacology Dr Kamla K Vasu Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel ligands for denosine Receptors
Jivrajani, Mehul 2014 Cell Biology Dr Manish Nivsarkar Targeted Delivery of shRNA to Cancer Cell
Mahapatra, Manik 2015 Science  Dr A S Rajawat Vulnerability of Gujarat Coast due to Sea Level Rise – AN Investigation based on Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques
Jain, Varunika 2014 Science Dr Manab Chakraborty Formulation of a Crop Information Retrieval System using Biophysical and Weather Parameters
Rajput, Mahendrapal Singh 2015 Science Dr Shalini Rajkumar Carbon Catabolite Repression of Organic Acids in Phosphate Solubilizing Klebsiella Species
Yadav, Sheetal 2015 Biotechnology Dr Neeta Shrivastava Intron – Mediated Enhancement of the Expression of Heterologous Protein in Plant
Sharma, Poojadevi 2015 Biotechnology Dr Neeta Shrivastava Metabolic Engineering in Catharanthus roseus using RNAi as a Tool
Tripathy, Madhumita 2015 Science Dr Prakash Chauhan Modeling Photosynthetically available Radiation from Satellite and Field Data and Its Impact on Ocean Primary Production
Abiramasundari, A. 2015 Pharmacology Dr Kamala K Vasu Degradation Studies of Cardiovascular and Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs and Sysnthesis of Degradation Products
Purandhar, Kaveri 2015 Science Dr Sriram Seshadri Understanding the Role of Toll like Receptors and Catsper in male reproductive Function: An Age Dependent
Bora, Indira 2015 Pharmacology Dr Neeta Shrivastava Inhibition of Breast Cancer Progression by Multi Targeting Approach Using RNAI as a Tool: An in Vitro Approach
Gupta, Anuroopa 2015 Biochemistry Prof Harish Padh Genetic Polymorphism and Infectious Diseases in Indian Population
Prabhjot Kaur 2016 Earth sciences Dr A S Rajawat Compositional Variability of Lunar Basalts in Selected Basins Using Chandrayaan – I Data
Patel, Paresh A 2016 Applied Physics Dr A R Patel Modelling of Some Problems in Lubrication
Prajapati, Bhumika 2016 Science Dr Sriram Seshadri Elucidating the Role of Pathogen Pattern Recognision Receptors and Inflamatory Mediators Following Gut Microbiota Alteration and in Diet Induced Type 2 Diabetes
Patel, Suhani 2016 Science Dr Sonal Bakshi Study of Genotoxicity of Nanoparticles
Sharma, Sonal 2016 Pharmacognosy Dr Neeta Shrivastava Development of DNA Based Marker for Unequivocal Idenfication and Authentication of Medicinal Plants with Special Reference to Adulteration
Bhatnagar, Mukul 2017 Engineering Dr Mukesh Ranjan Dr Subroto Mukherjee Growth Dynamics and Plasmonic response of Silver nanoparticles deposited on nanodots/nanorippled templates
Zaveri, Purvi 2017 Microbiology Dr Nasreen S Munshi Functional Microbial Diversity and Bacterial Flora in Common Effluent Treatment Plants of South Gujarat and Their Application
Vyas, Swapnil S 2017 Engineering Bimal Kumar Bhattacharya Regional agriculture drought characterization using remote sensing based observations from geostationary satellites
Kunwar, Fulesh 2017 Science Dr Sonal Bakshi Human Congenital Disorders: A Study of Underlying Genetic Changes, Manifestations, & Mechanism
Patel, Hardik B 2017 Science Prof Sarat Dalai Dynamics of Radiation attenuated Sportozoites induced Liver – Stage Specific CD8+ Memory T Cells following Infectious Sporzoite Challenge that ensure long – lived protection against Plasmodium berghei Infection
Patel, Palak N 2017 Biophysics Dr Mili Das Biophysical and in silico Studies on Inhibition of Protein Aggregation by Small Molecules
Kumar, Mohit 2018 Physics Dr A S Rajawat Mangrove Cover Dynamics and Community Zonation in Gulf of Kachchh – A Study based on Synergistic Use of Optical and Microwave Satellite Data
Patidar, Manoj 2018 Immunology Prof Sarat Dalai Development of Chimeric IL – 15 to Augment T – Cell Response and Memory
Krishnan, Aditi Mohan 2018 Immunology Prof Sarat Dalai Inclusion of Non-target antigen in vaccination favors generation of OVA specific CD4 memory T cells
Saiyad, Nazia 2018 Science Dr Sonal Bakshi A Study of Birth Defects: Genetic and Epigenetic Determinants
Joshi, Garima 2018 Physics Dr G Ravi Experimental Studies of Plasma in Electron Magneto Hydro Dynamic (EMHD) Regime
Seth, Harish 2018 Applied physics Dr K R Murali Study of spectral characterization of electro-optical sensors and apply it to analyze multispectral and hyper spectral payloads
Joshi, Chinmayi 2018 Microbiology Dr Vijay Kothari Investigation on anti-pathogenic potential of potential of Panchvalkal and Punica granatum peel extract against certain human – pathogenic bacteria
Patni, Neha 2018 Applied physics Dr Shibu G Pillai Study of Polyaniline based Composites for Electrochemical Application
Parmar, Rajesh 2018 Immunology Prof Sarat Dalai Infection nature of Plasmodium berghei sporozoite modulates APCs to induce better Liver-Stage memory CD8+T cells
Yadav, Naveen 2018 Immunology Prof Sarat Dalai Understanding the Plasmodium berghei Liver – Stage Specific CD8+ T Cells: Maintenance and Role in Liver Damage
Darji, Avani 2019 Science Prof Shalini Rajkumar Isolation, characterization and development of cell lines from acute myeloid leukemic patients
Patel, Pooja 2020 Science Dr Vijay Kothari Investigation on anti-pathogenic potential of Herboheal formulation and Phyllanthus emblica L. seed extract against selected human-pathogenic bacteria