Research Committee

The Institute has a panel of the following members serving as Institute Research Committee (IRC):

  • Sarat Dalai – Chairperson
  • Sriram Seshadri – Member Secretary
  • Usha Mehta – Nominee, DRI
  • Sonal Bakshi – Member
  • Nasreen S Munshi – Member

The functions of IRC:

  • To identify thrust areas of research
  • To monitor progress of ongoing research projects funded by external funding agencies as well as University
  • To monitor the progress of ongoing inter-disciplinary research projects
  • To prepare an annual research plan of the Institute including infrastructure development, faculty research
    plan, conferences to be organized and Journal Club activities
  • To review quality of research papers published by the faculty and students
  • To review the status of MoUs and establishing linkages with R&D centres/Industries